Atlanta Braves’ brass discuss SunTrust Park issues at Billy Joel concert


Many people had an enjoyable experience at the Billy Joel concert Friday night at SunTrust Park.

Others are still complaining.

Lines, parking, traffic, concessions, lighting – you name it, there was grousing.

More than 37,000 people came to see Billy Joel on April 28, 2017. Photo: Robb Cohen Photography & Video /

The good news is that the next concert scheduled at the Atlanta Braves’ Cobb County home isn’t until July 9, when Metallica thunders into town.

The better news is that the brass at the stadium has heard your grievances about the first show held at the venue and knows they have work to do to meet fans’ expectations going forward.

In an interview Monday afternoon with Beth Marshall, senior director of public relations for the Braves, she addressed concerns and offered some potential fixes.

“Not having any pre-tests for any concerts like we did for baseball (before opening day), we were learning as we went,” Marshall said. “One of the big pieces is educating concertgoers how to experience a concert at SunTrust Park, which might be different than what they experience at other venues.”

Some of the biggest issues:

The lengthy delay some experienced leaving stadium parking lots: “We weren’t used to everyone leaving at the same time, as opposed to a baseball game when people might leave in the 6th or 7th inning,” Marshall said. “At a concert, everyone waits until the end and there was a mass exodus. We learned from that and procedures of how people exit the lots will be reworked for the next (concert).”

Concession issues, including lines clogging the concourse area for patrons trying to get to their seats: “That’s an ongoing thing that we’re working on with (concessionaire) Delaware North (Sportservice). The first two baseball games, when we had a full house, we had similar problems and that’s something we’re continuing to improve upon.”

The Braves staff knows they need to make some changes before the next show at the stadium – Metallica in July. Photo: Robb Cohen Photography & Video /

Congestion at the ride share area: “We know that more and more fans at games and concerts are using ride share, so we’re continuing to work with (ride share services) to work on the proper area for zoning and how the cars enter and exit the area to drop-off and pick up.”

The demand outweighing the supply for those who came to The Battery Atlanta early, hoping to eat at one of the compound’s restaurants: “There will definitely be a few more restaurants open for the Metallica show,” Marshall said. Among them are PBR Atlanta, Feed Fried Chicken and Such, C. Ellet’s steakhouse, Goldberg’s Fine Foods and Atlanta’s first Wahlburgers.

The lights that stayed on throughout the show in the seating areas, which some said marred their concert experience: Live Nation requested that the venue turn off those lights, and Marshall acknowledged it was a SunTrust Park issue. “We are tweaking it for the future so that we can turn down the lighting under the cantilevered sections,” she said.

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I bet those restaurants in The Battery are not complaining that there was more business than they could handle.

The lines were amazing but I never get the people that wait in a line that long.

These people could have walked down the street and had a cheaper meal and walked back before the people at the end of the line were seated.


What about how the noise affect homeowners in the area. My mom is ill and the music was heard like it was blasting in my home. The sounds of future concerts need to be monitored, so we can watch a tv show of choice, entertain guests in our home or even go to bed at a reasonable time. There was no sleeping until it was all over. Did the planners take homeowners into consideration when planning the site of the Braves new home. Will hotel vouchers be offered to stay in a hotel away from the sounds. Bet they would not like this happening where they live!


@Felico Ha ha.  Good one!  Just like me, we Cobb County residents are told to shut-up and pay the taxes.  Cobb Commissioners, the Braves and SunTrust Park could care less about the residents.